Experience God’s Healing – Men’s Retreat

Most men, like you and me, good men, men who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are going to Heaven, are not living in real freedom here on earth. We have issues with one or more of these; marriage, anger, depression, drinking, purpose, drugs, workaholic, pornography, provision, adultery, balance and parenting.

We spend countless hours trying to “fix” the issues, but the issues are just symptoms of a broken place within you. When God heals that broken place in your heart, the symptoms go away. Are you ready for that kind of HEALING? Are you ready for that kind of FREEDOM?

WNCMEN is partnering with Pastor Jim Brackett and Living Loved Ministries to host a retreat for 22 men: Experiencing Gods Healing

THIS IS NOT listening to sermons
THIS IS NOT for spectators
THIS IS NOT a retreat to give you tools to help you with your marriage, anger, depression, drinking, purpose, drugs, workaholism, pornography, provision, adultery, balance or parenting. These “issues” will not even be addressed!

THIS IS about Experiencing God’s Healing. This is for men, like me, who recognize their need for healing, are ready to deal with their stuff, and let God bring more healing, freedom and direction to their heart and life. This weekend will help each man look at their history (his story) and identify areas of brokenness that God wants to heal, while giving you the direction necessary to receive that healing.

Here are the details:

Where: Blueridge Assembly – Black Mountain, NC
When: Friday September 13, 5:30pm to Saturday September 14, 3:00pm
Food: Steak dinner Friday night and breakfast & lunch on Saturday are included
Lodging: 2 large houses on site
Cost: $60 per person

This is the first of what we hope to be many retreats like this. You may think that by registering for this first retreat you are a bit of a guinea pig. You’d be right. lol

IMPORTANT: As you think about this there may be a man or two that comes to mind who you know needs this and would like to bring with you, however, just because you recognize a need doesn’t mean they are ready or at a place to work on their stuff. Please keep that in mind. This is a contact sport weekend!
Questions? Call Michael Fuchs @ 828-216-5009 or email michael @ wncmen.com

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