Battling The Puppeteer


Battling The Puppeteer

Battling The Puppeteer… might just be the greatest battle against smoke and mirrors we face! We sometimes feel so bound by the imagined strings that demand our compliance to its every wish. And yet, we can become so angry and frustrated when the puppeteer won’t make the decision (won’t pull the string) for us in the looming uncertainty of the next step. This my friend is not a battle with the God who loves us but with the deceiver of our soul!

Always remember

A life lived in the Spirit who graciously guides us in all things, is about the privilege of being able to freely choose the next step and not about being puppeteered. Our great and merciful Father wants living sons and daughters with a mind, heart and will who can freely and wisely make their own choice in the face of uncertainty and not wooden carvings you manipulate and put in the closet at the end of the performance. Have you ever thought about the fact that our Heavenly Father is most honored when He has children He can “trust” to make   right decisions? Isn’t He the one who is lovingly guiding us toward wisdom, lifting us when we fall and holding our hand until we see our mistakes, applauding our every stumbling baby sized step?

Friend let go of…

even resist if need be this imagined puppeteer who demands compliance to the slightest manipulation of his hand. Embrace the real God who invites you to participate in His good plan. He is always there willing to help even in the face of uncertainty. Don’t submit to being bound by strings in the face of fearing the next step. Freely choose knowing the Father who loves you will be with you even in your mistakes. In the face of uncertainty don’t demand a string to be pulled which guarantees a right step but leaves you in bondage to the puppeteer. Trust the one who knows and loves you and enjoy the freedom of being on the path to becoming a child the  Lord enjoys and trusts!

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  1. Thanks Jim for reminding me that growing means I may fail now and then. But I love a Father who loves me anyway.

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