Living Loved Ministries exists for the purpose of making known the endless love of God for each one of us as perfectly demonstrated in the life and finished work of Jesus Christ.


Living Loved Ministries has been set apart by the Holy Spirit to engage in the ministry of reconciling people to God. The foundational message of Living Loved Ministries is the love of God for us expressed in the finished work of Christ. Through His finished work Christ has done every thing necessary to reconcile us to the Father. The focus of our ministry is presenting Jesus Christ as the answer, regardless of the manifesting problem (anxiety, depression, addiction, emotional trauma, anger issues, mood disorders, panic attack, eating disorders, post traumatic stress, dissociative issues, etc).

In this fallen world we both sin and are sinned against, we are both villains and victims, and the good news is that the cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection deals with both conditions. In the good news of the gospel there is healing for the afflicted, wholeness for the broken hearted, liberty for captives, freedom for prisoners and comfort for all who mourn, that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD that He may be glorified. Religion has held believers in bondage to the tyranny of trying to measure up, the duty of obligation and performance based acceptance. True Christianity is about living in intimate relationship with Father God through His Son Jesus Christ. Abundant life flows out of a joyful knowing that we are loved unconditionally, completely forgiven, totally accepted and destined to be conformed to the image of His Son Jesus Christ.

Our approach to counseling (prayer ministry) involves a dependence upon the Holy Spirit to direct, convict, point out truth and tenderly enable the counselee to uncover root problems (core beliefs/lie-messages) that hinder their ability to experience God’s love and express His life. Walking with people in the transformational journey of healing is the willingness to love them unconditionally and prayerfully assist them through the Holy Spirit as they discover what keeps them from being all they were created to be in Jesus Christ.